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Favorite Coffee Shops

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Favorite Coffee Shops

I feel like I have to preface this post by saying I don't actually drink coffee. My favorite coffee shops might be different from the picks of someone who actually enjoys a cup of joe. My favorites are those that include tasty tea drinks, good food and a good atmosphere. I love parking my butt in a coffee shop with my laptop and headphones and getting some work or studying done. I love meeting a friend there to catch up and people watch while digging in to some delicious food or baked treats. 


I lived in Boston for 5 years during and after undergrad and I have lived in the Boston area my whole life and moved back out out of the city one year after graduation. I figured I would keep this list to local shops but when I do more traveling and get around to writing more travel posts maybe I'll include some favorites in those places too! 


Blue State Coffee: I love their chai lattes (always iced!) and in the fall/winter they serve a delicious chaider (chai and apple cider) that will rock your world. Their sandwiches both breakfast and other are bomb and make for a filling meal. 

Tealuxe: They have an amazing variety of teas! They can make any flavor into a bubble tea or you can sit and relax with a whole pot of your selected flavor. Their atmosphere reminds me of an old apothecary. 

3 Little Figs: While they have a smaller selection of non-coffee drinks, 3 Little Figs has some amazing food! Their ricotta toast is my go-to and I haven't had a bad baked good from them yet. 

Pavement: Many an hour of my undergrad career was spent studying at Pavement. They make delish bagel sandwiches as well as a mean chai latte which is my usual go-to drink. 


What do you look for in a coffee shop? I hope you have a favorite one to cozy up in!