Life Update

I probably don't have any regular readers at this point but I hope at least someone noticed I was gone! It's been a while since I've posted and things have been pretty dang busy! (I'm most likely just using that an excuse but let's roll with it!)

So let's review what's happened in my life since November!



We adopted our second son. Anyone who knows us knows that we are absolutely obsessed with our dogs and passionate about rescue animals. We adopted our first dog Magnus in May of 2016 and he has been an absolute joy. We had been waiting to adopt a sibling for him until we were in our own place and found a dog that he got along with. Then we saw a 1 year old "Lab mix" boy at our shelter that was so cute we had to go see him. We went to the shelter on Black Friday and as soon as the boys got together we knew they would be best buds. That day we took home Leif and it's been amazing since. It's definitely challenging having two crazy 50 pound babies but we love every minute of it! 


Another very exciting recent happening is....we got engaged!  Jeff asked me to marry him on December 7th and it was the sweetest thing. It was just us, sitting in our living room talking about our future and he asked me to be his wife. I honestly was so shocked that i grabbed his face in my hands and said "Are you serious?!", it was pretty funny. He didn't have the ring when he asked but it arrived a couple days before Christmas and I am so obsessed. Wedding planning so far has been stressful but so exciting.



And on to the third very exciting and major life thing to happen for us recently...we're buying a house! Jeff and I have been planning on buying a house for a while and we seriously started our house search about 2 months ago. This was the first house we actually put an offer on and by some miracle it got accepted! If everything goes according to plan we will be closing and moving in the last week of February! I am so incredibly excited and can't wait to organize and decorate everything and finally have a  real kitchen!