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Pinterest Recipes Tested

Allison MComment
Pinterest Recipes Tested

Pinterest has some pretty crazy recipes. It can take a while to sift through and find things that are truly tasty and easy to include in your regular rotation ro to whip up for a partay. I've seen some really great pinterest fails but I wanted to share some of my successes! I use my recipe and food boards for inspiration all the time to find new recipes for parties or to switch up our routine. If I try a recipe and it comes out tasty I have a separate board where I move these pins to help keep myself organized! 

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Here are some yummy made and approved Pinterest recipes:

Cranberry Feta Pinwheels 

I made these for a Christmas party and I'm pretty sure they were eaten in 2 minutes flat. 

Loaded Broccoli Cheese and Potato Soup

I've made this without the bacon and it's super delicious! This has definitely made it into our regular meal rotation

Spinach Dip Breadsticks

Another Christmas party hit! The recipes calls for shaping it into a Christmas tree but aint nobody got time for that

Ranch Crockpot Snack Mix

This! I love making this on the weekend for snacking on all week and it's so customize-able. Love a good savory snack 

Everything Bagel Dip

Another new party classic! Everyone that's tried this raves about it and I have to agree.

Everything Cream Cheese Rolls

I make these about once a week! They are a new staple. Definitely going to stock up on crescent rolls next time we go to BJs! These are great for a weekend breakfast/brunch spread

Pumpkin Alfredo

Holy. Cow. This is one of my favorite recipes! So creamy and delicious. 

Roasted Crushed Potatoes

Potatoes are probably my favorite food and this one of my fav ways to enjoy them. So crispy and cheesy! 

Starbucks Copycat Cranberry Bliss Bars

I'm not the best baker but these came out delicious! I think the secret key ingredient is the orange extract. 

5 Ingredient Tamale Pie

Yum yum yum! And talk about easy. This seriously came together so quick and left us with plenty of leftovers. 


Let me know what your favorite Pinterest wins are! What are your favorite boards/people to follow? It took me so long to figure Pinterest out but now I'm obsessed!