Lush Favorites

Recently, Lush Cosmetics and I are having a moment. I've known about Lush for years and tried an odd product here or there but over the last few months my love for them has grown exponentially. I always thought there was nothing for me there because I never used to have a suitable bath tub for bath bombs but I was definitely mistaken. I have fallen in love with Lush's skin/body/hair care and wanted to share a few of my favorites! 

Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo barThis shampoo bar changes lives! Not only does it smell absolutely amazing  but it makes my hair supah soft. Shampoo bars are perfect for traveling and for anyone looking to use less plastic! In my experience they last forever and work like a charm. 10/10 recommend! 


Gold Fun: This has the same smells as the shampoo bar! (Can you tell I love sweet smells?) Fun is exactly as the name says! It can be used as bubble bath, shampoo or body wash and has a play-dough texture. My favorite use for fun is to use it for shaving my legs. It leaves them so smooth! 

Mask of Magnaminty face mask: I'm a big mask fan. A few times a week you can find my lounging on the couch with some strange colored concoction on my face scaring my dogs. Mask of Magnaminty from Lush is always in my rotation. It leaves my face feeling super refreshed and has adzuki beans in it for a lil exfoliating action! Is there anything beans can't do?


Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel: Obviously this came out at Christmas time and I absolutely fell in love! First of all the color is gorgeous (can all of my wardrobe be that color plz?). To go along with that the smell is so so great. Perfectly Christmas spice with super sweet blueberries. Win win win. 



Let me know what your favorite things from Lush are!