Allison M

A Weekend in Burlington, Vermont

Allison M
A Weekend in Burlington, Vermont

I love a good weekend getaway. Don't get me wrong, I'll take an extended trip any day but sometimes it's nice to just drive a few hours and be in a different place for a couple days. My better half is not the vacation type, he'd rather be working (crazy, right?) but I convinced him to spend a few days in Vermont with me this Labor Day weekend. 


Now I'll admit, I could have planned this trip a little better. Jeff was very hands off in looking things up or choosing things for us to do because he thought I had everything planned and under control. I did pick out a few things but I didn't make a solid plan. I kinda beat myself up over it but you know what? Every weekend doesn't have to be perfect at home or on the road. We spent some quality time together and got to explore a new city so that's good enough for me. So here's a recap of our little trip!



Burlington was about a 3.5 hour drive from us so I knew we needed to make some stops along the way. And where better to stop than the Cabot Cheese Factory Store and the Ben and Jerry's Factory? We filled up on some delicious dairy, did the tour at Ben and Jerry's then hit the road again. The scenic drive alone is almost enough of a reason to head up to these spots. 


We were staying at an AirBNB in Winooski which is right next to Burlington. The first night we ate dinner at Our House Bistro which was a quick walk from where we were staying had close to 30 (!!!) kinds of mac and cheese on the menu. After I learned that fact I knew I would love the place before we even set foot inside. I went for BBQ chicken and Jeff had the lobster mac. They were as amazing as they look. BBQ sauce and mac and cheese wasn't a combo I knew I needed in my life but now I'm a changed person. After dinner we ended up walking around town a little before heading back to the Air BNB for a movie and an early night. 


The next morning we went for an early breakfast and had plans to spend the day exploring in Burlington until 4 pm when we were scheduled for a boat ride around Lake Champlain. This day may or may not have included a mini exhaustion induced breakdown on my part but we don't need to cover that. After breakfast we pretty much just walked around all day. We checked out all the shops along the Church Street Marketplace and got some treats at the Burlington Farmers Market. If you're in the area when it's market season I highly recommend it. If we were closer I would definitely spend all of my dollars there. We proceeded to get lunch at  The Skinny Pancake followed by some soft serve ice cream and relaxing in the grass by the river until our boat ride. 


I love boat rides so this was right up my street. It was an hour and a half cruise around Lake Champlain with some narration. Before the ride I thought I would be annoyed by the commentary but it was interesting to learn some of the history of the area and facts about the lake. There's just something about being on the water that's so relaxing. After the boat we grabbed some quick dinner and went back to rest. Our last morning there was a quick breakfast with a friend of mine's sister who is going to college in the area. Then we hit the road for a very rainy and foggy drive back home.