September Favorites

It finally feels like fall. I have been non-stop talking about fall and sweater weather for the last month or so and I'm sure everyone in my life is sick of it. BUT I DONT CARE. Fall is the best and if you disagree then I'm sorry but this might not be the post for you. Here are some of my favorites from the month of September. Welcome to fall! 


THIS BLANKET. It is so cozy and I'm happy that it's finally chilly enough to use it. It is this one from society6 and it is what dreams are made of. I got it in the 68x80" size and it's perfect. Big enough to wrap up in for some snuggles on the couch. Everything I've gotten from society6 has been great and I definitely recommend them for unique prints and home decor. 


Candles all day every day! With one look around our apartment you would be able to tell that I am candle obsessed. I like to burn a few together that have similar scents and I've just busted out the fall ones. Together they make our apartment smells amazing. I really love this one from Bath and Body Works and this one from World Market. Ihave been burning them with some other fall scents and it's magical. 


Fall decor! I bought those mini pumpkins at Trader Joe's for like 99 cents and they are just the cutest. I picked up that bouquet at Whole Foods and the skull doggo came from Target. I tried to find a link but couldn't find it on their site. Target is always my favorite place for seasonal decor and it's definitely worth a visit to the store to take a look. 


This mask is amazing. It smells like Play Doh which is actually kind of nice. It goes on so smoothly and always leaves my face feeling super fresh without being dried out. I've tried many a face mask in my day and I feel like this one perfectly fits what my skin needs. Highly recommend. 

Those are some things I've been loving in the month of September! I'll keep an eye out for some awesome stuff to include in my October favorites and I apologize in advance if 99% of it is pumpkin things. Sorry not sorry