Scotland Highlights

Scotland Highlights

This post is as equally over due as my London travel post. Of all the places I've traveled (which is not nearly enough) I think Scotland surprised me the most. For whatever reason I didn't have high hopes for our time there. Then it blew me away. 


Every single place we went was beautiful. Every person we met was incredible and all the food we ate was amazing. Above is a view from Edinburgh Castle. We spent our first two nights in Edinburgh and that city is like no where else I've ever been. Such a good mix of the old and new. 


After Edinburgh we went "north of the wall" as my dad called it and drove up into the Highlands a bit. We ended up staying on the water in Stonehaven and this was the view from our hotel rooms. We spent that night sitting out front of the pub at our hotel talking to two complete strangers for hours. It was so chill and amazing. I don't know anywhere in the States where strangers would just sit and talk with you for hours. 


While we were up north we visited Dunottar Castle, Stirling Castle and the William Wallace Monument. Each of them were beautiful in their own way. Dunottar castle wasn't open when we visited but we hung around there exploring on the beach and around the castle. The William Wallace monument is amazing but it involves a lot of stairs and tight spaces so if those aren't your jam it might be good to pass it up. 


We ended our time in Scotland with one night in Glasgow. I wish we had more time to explore around there but we were heading to Ireland the next day! I don't have enough to write a re-cap post for Ireland because I had to get a root canal in the middle of our time there so I was not feeling so hot for most of that leg of our journey. 

Where we stayed in Scotland (and I highly recommend each of them):

  • Grass Market Hotel in Edinburgh
  • The Marine Hotel in Stonehaven 
  • Citizen M Hotel in Glasgow

What we did in Scotland, a summary:

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Royal Mile/Grassmarket Square
  • Dunottar Castle
  • Sitrling Castle
  • William Wallace Monument
  • Live music in Glasgow